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Cranberry Apple Marmalade Fragrance OilCranberry Apple Marmalade Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Apple Marmalade- Tangy cranberry and juicy (...)
  Cranberry Chutney Fragrance OilCranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil You will fall in love (...)
  Cranberry Fragrance OilCranberry Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Fragrance Oil The tart spiciness of (...)
  Cranberry Pear Bellini BBW Type Fragrance OilCranberry Pear Bellini BBW Type Fragrance Oil
Blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and (...)
Cranberry Woods Slatkin Type Fragrance OilCranberry Woods Slatkin Type Fragrance Oil
Cranberry Woods Slatkin Type Fragrance Oil
  Creme Brulee Fragrance OilCreme Brulee Fragrance Oil
Creme Brulee Fragrance Oil Rich, decadent caramel, (...)
  Cuban Tobacco Fragrance OilCuban Tobacco Fragrance Oil
Top notes bergamot, tea leaf Middle notes cinnamon (...)
  Cucumber Fragrance OilCucumber Fragrance Oil
Cucumber Fragrance Oil The cleanest, crispest green (...)
Cucumber Melon Fragrance OilCucumber Melon Fragrance Oil
Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil The invigorating scent of (...)
  Cucumber Mint Fragrance OilCucumber Mint Fragrance Oil
Cucumber Mint Fragrance Oil Crisp dewy garden fresh (...)
  Desert Cactus Fragrance OilDesert Cactus Fragrance Oil
Top Notes: Geranium, Rose Petal, Water Lilly Mid (...)
  Dirt Fragrance OilDirt Fragrance Oil
Dirt Fragrance Oil Remember the satisfying richness of (...)
Downy April Fresh Fragrance OilDowny April Fresh Fragrance Oil
Downy April Fresh Fragrance Oil Smell that (...)
  Downy Cashmere & Silk Type Fragrance OilDowny Cashmere & Silk Type Fragrance Oil
Downy Cashmere & Silk Type Fragrance Oil A soft and (...)
  Downy Lavender Vanilla Fragrance OilDowny Lavender Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Downy Lavender Vanilla Fragrance Oil Enjoy the (...)
  Downy Waterlilly Jasmine Fragrance OilDowny Waterlilly Jasmine Fragrance Oil
Downy Waterlilly Jasmine Type Fragrance OilBlended so (...)
Dragon(s) Blood Fragrance OilDragon(s) Blood Fragrance Oil
Dragon(s) Blood Fragrance Oil Based on the natural (...)
  Dreams Fragrance OilDreams Fragrance Oil
Dreams Fragrance Oil Clean, cool rain fragrance with (...)
  Dreamsickle Fragrance OilDreamsickle Fragrance Oil
Dreamsickle Fragrance Oil Orange sherbet and vanilla – (...)
  Egg Nog Fragrance OilEgg Nog Fragrance Oil
Egg Nog Fragrance Oil The decadent holiday drink – (...)

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Wholesale Fragrances

Find the scents you love at Wellington Fragrance. With nearly 400 scents in stock, our line of traditional fragrance oils offers plenty of options! From apple to candy corn to almond scented oils, there is an abundance of scents to fawn over. Available at wholesale discount prices, these oils are an affordable way to scent homemade soaps, candles, or to simply warm in a diffuser to scent your home.

Our traditional fragrance oils come in three grades: premium grade, manufactures grade, and body oils. Choose premium and manufactures grade oils to create soaps, candles, and all other bath & body products, but only use premium grade oils for soy candles. Body oils should only be used for direct use on the skin.

Shop them fragrance oils now for low prices and global shipping! Orders ship within 24 to 48 hours of being placed.