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Basil Fragrance OilBasil Fragrance Oil
Basil Fragrance Oil Fresh-picked scent of this (...)
  Basil Sage & Mint Fragrance OilBasil Sage & Mint Fragrance Oil
Basil Sage & Mint Fragrance Oil A fresh garden medley (...)
  Bay Rum Fragrance OilBay Rum Fragrance Oil
Bay Rum Fragrance Oil The traditional man’s fragrance, (...)
  Bayberry Fragrance OilBayberry Fragrance Oil
Bayberry Fragrance Oil A holiday favorite, bayberry is (...)
Beach Bonfire Fragrance OilBeach Bonfire Fragrance Oil
Top Notes: Sea Salt Breeze Accord, Grapefruit, Lime (...)
  Benjoin 19 Le Labo Type Fragrance OilBenjoin 19 Le Labo Type Fragrance Oil
Blend of Frankincense, Amber, Cedar and Musk.
  Bergamot Fragrance OilBergamot Fragrance Oil
Bergamot Fragrance Oil A fresh herbal that’s not too (...)
  Birds Of Paradise Fragrance OilBirds Of Paradise Fragrance Oil
Birds Of Paradise Fragrance Oil A lush floral similar (...)
Black Amber & Oak Fragrance OilBlack Amber & Oak Fragrance Oil
A true earthy  blend of sweet patchouli, oak, (...)
  Black Amethyst BBW Type Fragrance OilBlack Amethyst BBW Type Fragrance Oil
Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Tangerine, Orange, (...)
  Black Cherry Bomb Fragrance OilBlack Cherry Bomb Fragrance Oil
Black Cherry Bomb Fragrance Oil An addictive aroma (...)
  Black Cherry Fragrance OilBlack Cherry Fragrance Oil
Black Cherry Fragrance Oil The dark, rich aroma of (...)
Black Coconut Yankee Type Fragrance OilBlack Coconut Yankee Type Fragrance Oil
Black Coconut Yankee Type Fragrance Oil Rich Coconut (...)
  Black Currant Fragrance OilBlack Currant Fragrance Oil
Black Currant Fragrance Oil Black currant fragrance (...)
  Black Currant Rose Fragrance OilBlack Currant Rose Fragrance Oil
Top Notes, Black Currant, Ginger, Lemon Peel and Lime. (...)
  Black Orchid Tom Ford Type Fragrance OilBlack Orchid Tom Ford Type Fragrance Oil
The top notes are French Jasmine, Black Truffle, (...)
Black Oud Fragrance OilBlack Oud Fragrance Oil
Bergamot, Valencia Orange, Mint Leaves Geranium, (...)
  Black Pepper & Bergamot Slatkin Type Fragrance OilBlack Pepper & Bergamot Slatkin Type Fragrance Oil
Black Pepper & Bergamot Slatkin Type Fragrance Oil (...)
  Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance OilBlack Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Sweet vine-ripened raspberries and blackberries (...)
  Black Tea Fragrance OilBlack Tea Fragrance Oil
Black Tea Fragrance Oil is a spicy, sweet, slightly (...)

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Wholesale Fragrances

Find the scents you love at Wellington Fragrance. With nearly 400 scents in stock, our line of traditional fragrance oils offers plenty of options! From apple to candy corn to almond scented oils, there is an abundance of scents to fawn over. Available at wholesale discount prices, these oils are an affordable way to scent homemade soaps, candles, or to simply warm in a diffuser to scent your home.

Our traditional fragrance oils come in three grades: premium grade, manufactures grade, and body oils. Choose premium and manufactures grade oils to create soaps, candles, and all other bath & body products, but only use premium grade oils for soy candles. Body oils should only be used for direct use on the skin.

Shop them fragrance oils now for low prices and global shipping! Orders ship within 24 to 48 hours of being placed.