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Heliotrope Fragrance OilHeliotrope Fragrance Oil
Heliotrope Fragrance Oil this is an unusual floral – (...)
  Hibiscus & Plum Fragrance OilHibiscus & Plum Fragrance Oil
Hibiscus and Plum Floral base note of Hibiscus with (...)
  Hibiscus & White Amber Fragrance OilHibiscus & White Amber Fragrance Oil
Hibiscus & White Amber Fragrance Oil blend of exotic (...)
  Holly Berry and Cassia Root Fragrance OilHolly Berry and Cassia Root Fragrance Oil
A Very strong scent! Spicy Cranberry followed by notes (...)
Hollyberry Fragrance OilHollyberry Fragrance Oil
Hollyberry Fragrance Oil think clean greens with a (...)
  Home Sweet Home Yankee Type Fragrance OilHome Sweet Home Yankee Type Fragrance Oil
Home Sweet Home Yankee Type Fragrance Oil a spicy (...)
  Homme L’Occitane Type Fragrance OilHomme L’Occitane Type Fragrance Oil
Homme L’Occitane Type Fragrance Oil a masculine blend (...)
  Honey Almond Fragrance OilHoney Almond Fragrance Oil
Honey Almond Fragrance Oil, honey drizzled over sweet (...)
Honey Fragrance OilHoney Fragrance Oil
Honey Fragrance Oil fresh from the honeycomb – smells (...)
  Honey Pear & Praline Fragrance OilHoney Pear & Praline Fragrance Oil
Honey Pear & Praline Fragrance Oil a very nice mix of (...)
  Honeydew  Fresh Mint Fragrance OilHoneydew Fresh Mint Fragrance Oil
Honeydew Fresh Mint Fragrance Oil a cool blend of (...)
  Honeydew Fragrance OilHoneydew Fragrance Oil
Honeydew Fragrance Oil this pale green melon has a (...)
Honeysuckle Fragrance OilHoneysuckle Fragrance Oil
Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil fresh spring floral - A true (...)
  Honeysuckle Rose Fragrance OilHoneysuckle Rose Fragrance Oil
Honeysuckle Rose Fragrance Oil a blend of sweet (...)
  Hotel Scent Fragrance OilHotel Scent Fragrance Oil
Top notes of eucalyptus and cardamom, base notes of (...)
  Hugo Boss Night Men Type Fragrance OilHugo Boss Night Men Type Fragrance Oil
Garden-inspired blend of lavender, birch tree, African (...)
Indian Musk Fragrance OilIndian Musk Fragrance Oil
Indian Musk Fragrance Oil A blend of middle eastern (...)
  Indonesian Teak Fragrance OilIndonesian Teak Fragrance Oil
Rich teakwood with top notes of citrus and patchouli (...)
  Island Orchid Fragrance OilIsland Orchid Fragrance Oil
Island Orchid Fragrance Oil A rich blend of orchids, (...)
  Japanese Cherry Blossom BBW Type Fragrance OilJapanese Cherry Blossom BBW Type Fragrance Oil
Japanese Cherry Blossom BBW Type Fragrance Oil

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Wholesale Fragrances

Find the scents you love at Wellington Fragrance. With nearly 400 scents in stock, our line of traditional fragrance oils offers plenty of options! From apple to candy corn to almond scented oils, there is an abundance of scents to fawn over. Available at wholesale discount prices, these oils are an affordable way to scent homemade soaps, candles, or to simply warm in a diffuser to scent your home.

Our traditional fragrance oils come in three grades: premium grade, manufactures grade, and body oils. Choose premium and manufactures grade oils to create soaps, candles, and all other bath & body products, but only use premium grade oils for soy candles. Body oils should only be used for direct use on the skin.

Shop them fragrance oils now for low prices and global shipping! Orders ship within 24 to 48 hours of being placed.