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Apples & Oranges Fragrance OilApples & Oranges Fragrance Oil
Apples & Oranges Fragrance Oil The classic blend (...)
  Apricot Chamomile Fragrance OilApricot Chamomile Fragrance Oil
Apricot Chamomile Fragrance Oil Sweet apricot with (...)
  Apricot Herb Garden Fragrance OilApricot Herb Garden Fragrance Oil
Apricot Herb Garden Fragrance Oil Sweet apricot jam (...)
  Aquolina Pink Sugar Type Fragrance OilAquolina Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil
Aquolina Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil A playful blend (...)
Arabian Sandalwood Fragrance OilArabian Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
Arabian Sandalwood Fragrance Oil This moderate, woodsy (...)
  Artisan Bark and Spice Fragrance OilArtisan Bark and Spice Fragrance Oil
  An inviting scent with base notes of fig, (...)
  Asian Pear & Lily Fragrance OilAsian Pear & Lily Fragrance Oil
Asian Pear & Lily Fragrance Oil - Sweet blend of nashi (...)
  Autumn Fig Fragrance OilAutumn Fig Fragrance Oil
Grecian fig, coconut, wild raspberry, Mimosa, jasmine, (...)
Awapuhi Seaberry Fragrance OilAwapuhi Seaberry Fragrance Oil
Awapuhi Seaberry Fragrance Oil Enjoy the hint of (...)
  Baby Powder Fragrance OilBaby Powder Fragrance Oil
Baby Powder Fragrance Oil The most delicate of (...)
  Baked Bread Fragrance OilBaked Bread Fragrance Oil
Baked Bread Fragrance Oil This scent will wrap you in (...)
  Balsam Cedar Yankee Type Fragrance OilBalsam Cedar Yankee Type Fragrance Oil
Fresh Florist Blend of Balsam, Aromatic Cedarwood and (...)
Balsam Fir Fragrance OilBalsam Fir Fragrance Oil
Balsam Fir Fragrance Oil The full scent of pine (...)
  Bamboo & Green Tea Fragrance OilBamboo & Green Tea Fragrance Oil
Bamboo & Green Tea Fragrance Oil A soothing citrus (...)
  Bamboo Fragrance OilBamboo Fragrance Oil
Bamboo Fragrance Oil A clean and wonderful scent, (...)
  Banana Fragrance OilBanana Fragrance Oil
Banana Fragrance Oil The creamy, smooth scent of this (...)
Basil Fragrance OilBasil Fragrance Oil
Basil Fragrance Oil Fresh-picked scent of this (...)
  Basil Sage & Mint Fragrance OilBasil Sage & Mint Fragrance Oil
Basil Sage & Mint Fragrance Oil A fresh garden medley (...)
  Bay Rum Fragrance OilBay Rum Fragrance Oil
Bay Rum Fragrance Oil The traditional man’s fragrance, (...)
  Bayberry Fragrance OilBayberry Fragrance Oil
Bayberry Fragrance Oil A holiday favorite, bayberry is (...)

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Wholesale Fragrances

Find the scents you love at Wellington Fragrance. With nearly 400 scents in stock, our line of traditional fragrance oils offers plenty of options! From apple to candy corn to almond scented oils, there is an abundance of scents to fawn over. Available at wholesale discount prices, these oils are an affordable way to scent homemade soaps, candles, or to simply warm in a diffuser to scent your home.

Our traditional fragrance oils come in three grades: premium grade, manufactures grade, and body oils. Choose premium and manufactures grade oils to create soaps, candles, and all other bath & body products, but only use premium grade oils for soy candles. Body oils should only be used for direct use on the skin.

Shop them fragrance oils now for low prices and global shipping! Orders ship within 24 to 48 hours of being placed.