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Elder Flower Bloom Fragrance OilElder Flower Bloom Fragrance Oil
Top Notes of Blue Elderflowers, Meadowsweet and (...)
  Emerald Sea Grass Fragrance OilEmerald Sea Grass Fragrance Oil
White sand, cool salty sea air–with notes of (...)
  English Ivy Fragrance OilEnglish Ivy Fragrance Oil
English Ivy Fragrance Oil A sprightly, floral herbal (...)
  Eucalyptus Fragrance OilEucalyptus Fragrance Oil
Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil The strong, pungent scent of (...)
Fern Fragrance OilFern Fragrance Oil
Fern Fragrance Oil A fresh green scent with mossy (...)
  Fig & Melon Fragrance OilFig & Melon Fragrance Oil
Fig & Melon Fragrance Oil Rich, ripe late season fig (...)
  Fig Fragrance OilFig Fragrance Oil
Fig Fragrance Oil The spicy-sweet desert fruit – (...)
  Fireside Type (Yankee) Fragrance OilFireside Type (Yankee) Fragrance Oil
Fireside Type (Yankee) Fragrance Oil A warm, spicy (...)
Forest Pine Fragrance OilForest Pine Fragrance Oil
Forest Pine Fragrance Oil The pure pine scent you love (...)
  Forget Me Not Fragrance OilForget Me Not Fragrance Oil
Forget Me Not Fragrance Oil Unforgettable, lady-like (...)
  Frangipani Fragrance OilFrangipani Fragrance Oil
Frangipani Fragrance Oil The Hawaiian floral – a lush (...)
  Frankincense Fragrance OilFrankincense Fragrance Oil
Frankincense Fragrance Oil A true, musky incense, (...)
Frankincense-Myrrh Fragrance OilFrankincense-Myrrh Fragrance Oil
Frankincense-Myrrh Fragrance Oil Deep, musky scent (...)
  Freesia Fragrance OilFreesia Fragrance Oil
Freesia Fragrance Oil This is a clean, fresh floral. (...)
  French Vanilla Fragrance OilFrench Vanilla Fragrance Oil
French Vanilla Fragrance Oil Mmm…Vanilla, only richer! (...)
  Fresh Cotton Fragrance OilFresh Cotton Fragrance Oil
Fresh Cotton Fragrance Oil The clean, sunny smell of (...)
Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance OilFresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil
Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil Slightly sweet; a fresh (...)
  Fresh's Bergamot Citrus Type Fragrance OilFresh's Bergamot Citrus Type Fragrance Oil
Fresh's Bergamot Citrus Type Fragrance Oil Crisp green (...)
  Fresh's Fig Apricot Type Fragrance OilFresh's Fig Apricot Type Fragrance Oil
Fresh's Fig Apricot Type Fragrance Oil A scent of (...)
  Fresh's Pink Jasmine Type Fragrance OilFresh's Pink Jasmine Type Fragrance Oil
Featuring top notes of red orange, freesia and lilac; (...)

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Wholesale Fragrances

Find the scents you love at Wellington Fragrance. With nearly 400 scents in stock, our line of traditional fragrance oils offers plenty of options! From apple to candy corn to almond scented oils, there is an abundance of scents to fawn over. Available at wholesale discount prices, these oils are an affordable way to scent homemade soaps, candles, or to simply warm in a diffuser to scent your home.

Our traditional fragrance oils come in three grades: premium grade, manufactures grade, and body oils. Choose premium and manufactures grade oils to create soaps, candles, and all other bath & body products, but only use premium grade oils for soy candles. Body oils should only be used for direct use on the skin.

Shop them fragrance oils now for low prices and global shipping! Orders ship within 24 to 48 hours of being placed.