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Wholesale Flavor Oils and Edible Massage Oil

Wholesale Flavor Oils and Edible Massage Oil at Wellington Fragrance! Wholesale Flavor Oils for Lip Balms creating edible massage oil & more!
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Wellingtons Flavor Oils are formulated specifically for lip balms and glosses. They are manufactured with a combination of both high quality natural and artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows our flavors to enhance products with wonderful taste as it would be found naturally without the synthetic or chemical aftertaste. By utilizing synthetic components, you will find our wholesale flavor oil prices are almost unbeatable. Flavor Oils are concentrated and unsweetened. If you would like to add sweetner, we recommend a liquid sweetner. The liquid sweetener can be found in the baking aisle at your local grocery store.


Flavored Lip Balm Recipe

Melt two teaspoons White Bees Wax mix with one teaspoon of Sweet Almond Oil

Melt one and a half teaspoons of Cocoa Butter. Mix with beeswax and almond oil

Let cool slightly and add 4-6 drops of Flavor Oils or Peppermint Piperita Essential Oil

Pour into your Lip Balm Tubes.

The recipe displayed above is not guaranteed by Wellington Fragrance it is a suggestions only. We recommend you do your own in house testing. Testing in house will allow you to adjust formulas to create your own quality finished products.