Wellington Fragrance now has a line of organic essential oils for healthier, more environmentally-friendly bath & body products. It just made sense: if you’re creating lotions, soaps, and other bath and body products to be applied multiple times per day, then you’ll want them to be completely natural and completely organic. That’s Wellington’s reasoning, and it’s the idea behind our expanding line of organic essential oils.

Shop the selection to find fragrances for all your bath and body creations, and you’ll see how easy it is to use our site and how affordable our prices are!

Completely Natural Organic Essential Oils

Our organic oils are 100% natural and contain absolutely no artificial or synthetic ingredients. They’re ideal for scenting soaps, candles, and body lotions and can be used individually or may be mixed together to create new blends. They’re available at bulk wholesale pricing, and can be ordered in as little as a ½ ounce to large bulk orders.

View the organic oils, and check back periodically for new additions.

Use of Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils offer aromatic benefits and enhance your creations with beautiful scents. (You can also release their scents into your home by adding a few drops to an oil lamp!) Depending on which one you choose, essential oils can be used to elicit soothing, relaxing, or invigorating effects, or any number of responses.  Essential oils are commonly used in soap making and bath products and are also ideal for massage.

Create Organically—Shop Today

Shop our essential oils to find the right organic essential oils for your projects. We ship our products within 24 to 48 hours of receiving an order, so you can expect your order to be packaged with care and delivered quickly.  

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