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Acai Botanical ExtractAcai Botanical Extract
Acai Known to have antioxidants, promote cellular (...)
  Aloe Vera Botanical ExtractAloe Vera Botanical Extract
Aloe Vera known to cleanse, soften and moisturize as (...)
  Echinacea Botanical ExtractEchinacea Botanical Extract
Echinacea - known to work as a natural antibiotic, (...)
  Elder Flower Botanical ExtractElder Flower Botanical Extract
Elder Flower known to soften, purify and moisturize
Green Tea Botanical ExtractGreen Tea Botanical Extract
Green Tea – known to fight wrinkles and anti aging as (...)
  Irish Moss Botanical ExtractIrish Moss Botanical Extract
Irish Moss – known to soften skin and for its (...)
  Lavender Botanical ExtractLavender Botanical Extract
Lavender– known to stimulate and cleanse the skin
  Licorice Botanical ExtractLicorice Botanical Extract
Licorice – known to have the ability to sooth, soften, (...)
Olive Leaf Botanical ExtractOlive Leaf Botanical Extract
Olive Leaf – known to anti-oxidizing, anti-septic and (...)
  Rose Hips Botanical ExtractRose Hips Botanical Extract
  Tea Tree Botanical ExtractTea Tree Botanical Extract
Tea Tree – known to help with anti-fungal problems and (...)
  Wild Yam Botanical ExtractWild Yam Botanical Extract
Wild Yam – known to help treat inflammation in ones (...)