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Our natural Bulk Beeswax White Granules are characterized by their clean white appearance and a naturally mild sweet aroma. The Bulk Beeswax White Granules are filtered to be free of debris and the color is naturally removed resulting in the product’s white color. The cleanliness and small size of the Beeswax White Granules contribute to the product’s ease of use. Commonly used to make solid perfume bases, candles, lip balm , salves, creams and can be used as a natural emulsifier. Melting point of 143 to 148 degrees F. and should only be heated using a double boiler as it is flammable when subjected to fire and flames. It is pliable at 100 degrees F. MEASURING TIP : To measure a small amount of beeswax, grate it before melting.

Lotion Bar Recipe

Lotion Bar Ingredients:

3oz of Bees Wax (White or Yellow)

2oz Cocoa Butter

3oz Sweet Almond Oil

1 tsp of your favorite Essential Oil or Premium Grade Fragrance Oil.

Melt beeswax and cocoa butter in a double boiler over low heat. Once melted remove from heat and add your oils and mix well. Spray your favorite mold with Pam cooking spray and let set.

The recipe displayed above is not guaranteed by Wellington Fragrance it is a suggestions only. We recommend you do your own in house testing. Testing in house will allow you to adjust formulas to create your own quality finished products.