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50 lb. Carton


Well-Flake Soy Wax is comprised of 100% edible and natural botanical oils. Well-Flake Soy Wax has excellent fragrance holding qualities and produces candles with a beautiful cold scent and a hot throw that exceeds most expectations. Properties include excellent adhesion to containers and a clean burn with less soot than typical parraffin waxes. This is a completely non-petroleum product from a renewable resource that is completely biodegradable. The helpful hints provided below are intended as suggestions and should not replace your own testing methods. Items you will need: Double boiler Thermometer (candy type) Scale (needed to weigh wax) Glue gun (to adhere wicks to your candle container) Make sure to weigh your wax. add 3 to 6 tablespoons of Stearic acid per pound of wax, add when melting wax. We recommend 1oz to 1 1/4 oz of premium grade fragrance per lb of wax. Use a glue gun to adhere your wicks to the bottom of the jars Melt wax in a double-boiler system between 140 F to 160 F. Add fragrance and dye, when wax has cooled to approx. 120 F stir completely. Pouring wax at a reduced temperature aides in wax adhering to jars, reduces mottling and preserves scent throw. Allow to cool slowly do not speed up the cooling process. Packaged in 50 lb box. Please contact us for Special Pricing and Freight quote on pallet quantities. 800-411-3593 or 734-261-5531, fax 734-261-5571

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