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Fragrance Oils

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Our Fragrance Oils can be used in candle making and soap making or they can be used to scent incense and toiletry products. They are even perfect for direct application.

Each fragrance is available in three grades: Premium (preferred by most users), Manufacturers, and Body Oil.

Premium grade oils are the best and most popular all around oils to use. The premium grade is an enhanced formula, providing additional strength.This is the best oil to use for scenting candle wax, melt and pour soap bases, cold process soap recipes and bath & body products.

Manufacturers grade oils are also designed for scenting products and can be used by soap and candle makers (excluding soy wax users).

Body Oils are created for two purposes, to use directly on the body as a skin safe perfume oil (premium oil can also be used) and as a burning oil. This grade is not designed for blending with soap bases, cosmetic products or candle wax. Some Body Oils have a pigment added to give them color, for example the Lavender Body Oil has pigment added to make the oil purple.

Pricing varies by grade and the amount of fragrance oil being purchased. Bulk fragrance oil purchases are given discount rates. Explore our four different scents: Traditional, Designer, Feng Shui, and Zodiac. Or for a variety package, explore our wooden fragrance displays - available with fragrances of your choice.

All products are of the highest quality and are available at discount wholesale prices!

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